Republican Leadership Initiative Fellowship Program



The Republican Leadership Initiative is the grassroots training program championed by our state and national party. Whether you are a current local party leader, college student looking to get involved, or someone brand new to the process, there is a role for you to play this election cycle. The program will teach you the basics of our political process, train you on the latest campaign techniques, and support you as you build the conservative movement in your own backyard.

After first attending a Republican Leadership Initiative Training in your neighborhood, you will become a Republican Leadership Initiative Fellow. Fellows learn from the best in voter targeting and communications while developing leadership skills needed to build a successful volunteer network. Our organization promotes a structured team model to organize in the neighborhood. Some Republican Leadership Initiative Fellows act as full-fledged coordinators and others find roles in recruiting, organizing, or event promotion. Our field teams will play to your strengths and talents and find the role for you to have the greatest impact.

Each week, Fellows are given different assignments to develop their organizing abilities. These assignments bring our movement closer to victory every day. This is an unparalleled way to gain first-hand experience and access to our voter contact operations, campaign strategy, and mobilization for events. Professional campaign organizers will support you through the process so you can play a role for election cycles to come.

Flexible schedules and workloads are more than welcome. If you can contribute any time at all, your effort can make a difference! Besides leading in the field, many activists provide directly support our program by offering hospitality, managing a victory office, or promoting the program to their friends and family.

If you’re currently in college, the Republican Leadership Initiative Fellowship can be used for academic or internship credit! At the end of the Fellowship, you will be able to:

— Accurately describe the American system of campaigning (nationally and locally) from the perspective of a political campaign.
— Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of political strategy aimed for grassroots mobilization.
— Exhibit increased leadership and networking skills
— Identify, critique, message, and understand nuanced political issues.

Please Note: Each college and university have specific academic credit requirements, so please contact us for all the details.

Whether you are an experienced activist or someone brand new to the process, we need your help to win this November! To express interest in joining the program, leading the conservative movement in your neighborhood, or applying for academic or internship credit, please email MJ at [email protected] or fill out the submission form below to be contacted by your regional teams.

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