Republican Leadership Initiative Fellowship Program


By becoming a Fellow in the Republican Leadership Initiative, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside battle-tested GOP Operatives. The RLI Fellowship is a 10-15 hour per week commitment for eight weeks. ​The RLI program is meant to train and test potential staffers by developing universal skills to engage voters in the 2018 election and mentor them toward a successful career in politics.

Fellows learn from the best in Data and Digital while developing leadership skills needed to build a successful volunteer network. RLI will teach you the skills you need to become a GOP Organizer in the field:

  • Master cutting-edge campaign technology
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Build a dedicated volunteer network

Each week, Fellows are given different assignments to develop their organizing abilities. You will work alongside professional campaign organizers and play a critical role in our growing field program.

​This fellowship offers an unparalleled way to gain first-hand experience in voter contact operations, campaign strategy, and mobilizing for events.

At the end of the Fellowship, you will be able to:

  • Accurately describe the American system of campaigning (nationally and locally) from the perspective of a political campaign.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of political strategy aimed for grassroots mobilization.
  • Exhibit increased leadership and networking skills
  • Identify, critique, message, and understand nuanced political issues.

Students or Republican activists with flexible schedules and a willingness to learn should apply. The fellowship is unpaid, but college credit is being offered at many Minnesota colleges and universities.

​Please Note: Each college and university have specific academic credit requirements, so please contact us for all the details.

To apply for the RLI Fellowship, please email your resume to  RNC Minnesota State Director, Kory Kleven, at

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