Digital Advocate

Help Spread The Republican Message


With all that is going on around us, we all want to assure the freedom that our neighbors, friends and we ourselves enjoy.  We feel that we need to do something, yet many of us feel

“I would love to help, but I don’t know what to do, I don’t have much time, and I don’t know what to say.”

Now there is a way you can get involved and make a big impact with investing as little as 10 Minutes per day.  Become an MNGOP Digital Advocate!

Just download the SwipeRed App, select MN GOP.  It’s super easy and convenient!

How it works: You download the App, select “MNGOP” from the list of Campaigns.  The MNGOP sends you messages through the app that you post to your social media accounts or share with friends the App recommends to you.

Why it works:  Research confirms what we all know, friends talking with friends shapes opinions and elections. In fact, what you tell your friends is one of the most influential factors in their voting.

To be clear: The App will ask you to share the contacts from your phone.

– MNGOP does NOT see those contacts and does not have access to them.

– You are always in FULL control!  The app will NOT do anything without your specific instruction.  You select the message to share, you change them as you see fit, you select the person to share it with, one at a time. NEVER automatically, NEVER without your instruction.

How to Get Started: Download SwipeRed

On your mobile device go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search “Swipered” (make sure that is swipered one word, not two).

  • You can also just scan the code below with your camera and it will direct you to the app store.

  • Now it’s time to sign up! Open the SwipeRed app and click on “Let’s Go”

  • Enter your name, email, phone number, zip code, and create your account.

  • Choose “MN GOP” (you can also select a number of your favorite candidates and support them from the list – you can change that selection later on in the “My Profile – Campaigns” Section).

  • SwipeRed will ask you if it can compare your phone contacts with the campaign’s voter file. We take your privacy seriously – and we will not see your contacts. SwipeRed only uses this information to match, and recommend to you, the people that a message is most relevant to, so you can decide which people you’d like to share the message with. When your sync your contacts, the messages are 9 times more effective.

  • On our home page you will see the MNGOP logo. Click on it and you will find posts and messages to be shared with your friends.

  • For messages, a window will open to a pre-written message, ready for you to send to your friends. You can choose to send the message via text, email, or Facebook Messenger.

  • For social media posts, SwipeRed will also ask you to share a post to your personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. You can edit the post to reflect your personal voice, if you’d like.

Remember you are always in charge of who you send to and what you send.

You are now a digital advocate!