RELEASE: MN GOP Responds to Ad Detailing DFL Congressional District 8 Candidate Joe Radinovich’s Issues With the Law

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – An ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund was released this morning exposing MN-08 DFL Congressional Candidate, Joe Radinovich, over his history of convictions, license suspensions, and a drug paraphernalia possession charge.

Republican Party of Minnesota spokeswoman, Rachael Grooms, released the following statement about the ad:

“Joe Radinovich’s has 18 different recorded offenses, five drivers’ license suspensions – including possession of drug paraphernalia as recent as this year and 2017.

Radinovich has proven numerous times that he is incapable of following the law, and there is no reason that he should be elected to make any laws in Congress that he may or may not obey himself.

Minnesotans deserve to know the full background of candidates before the election, and Radinovich has not been truthful with voters. This revelation begs the questions: Why hasn’t he been honest with voters? What else is Joe hiding? Did he have any drugs in his possession? The people he seeks to represent deserve answers to these questions.”


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