RELEASE: MNGOP Calls on Angie Craig and Rick Nolan to Return Thousands in Keillor Contributions

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. “While Democrat candidate for Congress Angie Craig spent the better part of her Wednesday mocking Rep. Jason Lewis and House Republicans for taking a strong stance on sexual harassment in Washington,  she, along with her fellow Minnesota Democrats have remained silent on misconduct allegations against major Democrat donor and fundraiser Garrison Keillor.


“Craig, who has received nearly $5,000 from Keillor over the last two election cycles, and Rep. Rick Nolan, who received $2,250 since his initial run in 2012, have remained silent on the allegations considered by MPR to be a fire-able offense.


“As Angie Craig, herself said, “We need real leaders who don’t have to be pressured to just do the bare minimum and who understand that we are working to change a pervasive culture that has existed for far too long in America.”

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