Tim Walz Says He WON’T Return Franken Campaign Cash

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. Congressman and Democratic candidate for governor Tim Walz owes Minnesota voters an answer – why, after two more allegations of sexual misconduct against Al Franken surfaced over the holiday weekend, does he refuse to donate or return over $54,000 in Franken campaign cash? Why does he refuse to call on Franken to resign?


Walz has received the most Franken cash of any member of Congress, and it seems as if that has bought Tim Walz’ silence. While other high-profile Democrats have pledged to do the right thing and return the money, Walz has remained hushed, dispatching a spokesman to say that he will keep the money. And while the “two leading female candidates for the DFL nomination for governor…called for Mr. Franken to step down,” Walz has refused to do so.


Does Walz believe that Erin Murphy and Rebecca Otto are wrong to call for Franken’s resignation? Does Walz think that Franken is being honest when he denies remembering inappropriately touching multiple women? When asked, Franken told WCCO, “I take thousands of photos. I don’t remember these particular photos.”


Tim Walz needs to stop hiding and take concrete action to show that he understands and empathizes with the women harassed by Al Franken. Otherwise, Walz is showing Minnesota that he lacks the moral center to serve as Governor.

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