MNGOP Calls On Tim Walz To Return Over $54,000 In Al Franken Campaign Cash

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Minnesota Congressman and Democratic candidate for governor Tim Walz has taken over $54,000 in campaign contributions from Senator Al Franken, with $7,500 coming in the last year alone. In the wake of credible allegations and photographic evidence of Franken committing sexual assault, as well as a second accusation of sexual misconduct while Franken was a Senator, the Minnesota Republican Party is calling on Rep. Walz to do the right thing and return Franken’s campaign contributions.


Unlike fellow candidates for governor Rebecca Otto and Erin Murphy, Tim Walz has refused to call on Franken to resign. MinnPost reported that Walz “did not say whether he believed Franken should resign his seat.”


Tim Walz’ history suggests that he is more than willing to return campaign contributions – just last month, after flip-flopping on his previous position on the second-amendment, Walz announced that he would donate campaign contributions from the NRA to charity. Fellow Democrats like Senators Claire McCaskill and Kirsten Gillibrand have already pledged to donate campaign contributions they received from Franken.


Will Tim Walz do the right thing, or will he continue to support his political career with cash from a politician who committed sexual assault?


Midwest Values PAC, Al Franken’s leadership PAC, has made the following contributions to Tim Walz:

$2,500 on 6/27/16 (FEC)

$5,000 on 6/27/16 (FEC)

$2,500 on 12/20/15 (FEC)

$2,500 on 6/27/13 (FEC)

$2,500 on 6/29/12 (FEC)

$2,500 on 7/11/11 (FEC)

$2,500 on 6/6/11 (FEC)

$5,000 on 10/11/10 (FEC)

$5,000 on 6/9/10 (FEC)

$5,000 on 3/28/07 (FEC)

$5,000 on 3/28/07 (FEC)

$5,000 on 5/2/06 (FEC)

$4,000 on 5/2/06 (FEC)

$1,000 on 12/29/05 (FEC)

Total: $50,000


Franken has also contributed to Walz’s campaigns as an individual:

$2,100 on 2/27/06 (FEC)

$2,100 on 2/27/06 (FEC)

Total: $4,200


Total campaign contributions from Al Franken to Tim Walz: $54,200




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