What To Watch For In Tonight’s Debate – Top 21 Clinton Corruptions

Culture of Corruption
Watch For These Top 21 Cases of Clinton Corruption
During Tonight’s Debate


Daily there are new highly damning revelations of corruption in the leaked Clinton campaign emails and new reports. 

It’s overwhelming, but here is a list of the top 21:

  1. Dramatic video reveals that Democrat operatives helping the Clinton campaign are instigating violence at Republican events. Watch video here
  2. The alleged quid pro quo between the FBI and the State Department are the latest evidence of how the Obama Administration has labored extensively behind the scenes to protect Hillary Clinton from accountability for her reckless conduct as secretary of state. The Wall Street Journal editorializes
  3. New emails obtained by the RNC reveal vital aid may have been stalled in earthquake-stricken Haiti to accommodate a photo-op for Bill Clinton. The Daily Mail reports
  4. A dozen companies that lobbied Hillary Clinton’s State Department not only showered millions on the Clinton Foundation, they employed lobbyists who were fundraisers for Clinton’s campaigns. USA Today reports
  5. Hillary Clinton “blatantly disregarded” security protocols while serving as secretary of state. The Washington Examiner reports
  6. New emails are shedding light on the Clinton campaign’s about face on accepting donations from lobbyists representing foreign governments. From this morning’s briefing another potential violation of the White House ethics agreement governing foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. Reuters reports
  7. In a court ordered written deposition, 21 times Hillary Clinton said she could not recall key details about her illicit email server setup. The Associated Press reports
  8. Newly released emails show Hillary Clinton’s top spokesman urging a false blanket denial that she never sent classified material, “else it could be said she mishandled classified info.” Bloomberg News reports
  9. Clinton’s team had New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman “tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed.”  Fox News Politics reports
  10. Newly leaked emails show “the gap between her private and public remarks helps explain the relatively high levels of distrust that voters, including some of her own supporters, have expressed about the former secretary of state.” The Associated Press reports
  11. Religious groups are slamming Hillary Clinton’s campaign over bigoted anti-Catholic comments made by her top aides. CNN reports
  12. Clinton’s advocacy behind closed doors for “open trade and open borders” has enraged both sides of the political spectrum. ABC News reports
  13. Hillary Clinton’s State Department “repeatedly gave special attention” to Clinton Foundation benefactors operating in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake. ABC News reports
  14. Leaked emails show the Clinton campaign was in contact with the Obama Justice Department during the height of her email scandal. Fox News reports
  15. Newly released State Department emails show “fresh evidence … of the pains Clinton’s staff took to accommodate her husband’s paid speeches and her family’s foundation.” The Washington Examiner reports
  16. There is mounting evidence the FBI and the Obama Justice Department gave Hillary Clinton and her aides special political treatment. The Wall Street Journal editorializes
  17. Hillary Clinton helped to arrange Pentagon and State Department consulting contracts for a close family friend according to newly released State Department emails. The Washington Free Beacon reports
  18. Newly released emails show “Hillary Clinton frequently offered warm and at times sympathetic words for Wall Street during her paid speeches before some of the biggest financial powerhouses as the nation was still recovering from the 2008 crisis.” Politico reports
  19. Newly released emails show “Democratic Party officials offering Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign detailed advice on how to trick ‘self-righteous’ supporters of Sen. Bernard Sanders into thinking they won concessions from the party establishment” The Washington Times reports
  20. Newly released emails show Clinton’s campaign knew she lied on national TV about bankruptcy bill she supported over the objections of Elizabeth Warren. The Huffington Post reports
  21. Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign poll tested President Obama’s ties to Islam. The New York Post reports

Democrats are #CrookedTogether and Hillary Clinton is the worst offender.

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