Tax Day: Yes, It Matters

Tax Day: Yes, It Matters

Tax day is more than a perpetual headache with endless forms

Minnesota is suffering from the Democrats’ never ending tax and spend schemes. 

The Center of the American Experiment’s tax impact report shines a light on Minnesota’s overly burdensome tax code and shows why so many are choosing lower taxing states. 

Yes, when Democrats raise taxes, Minnesotans move

The report explains how Minnesota’s tax code is driving people away from our state. 

  • “Between 2013 and 2014, Minnesota lost nearly $1 billion in net household income to other states.”
  • “With few exceptions, Minnesota loses taxpaying families to lower-tax states.”
  • “Most of the taxpayers who leave Minnesota for lower-tax states are in their prime earning years.”
  • “The exodus of citizens from Minnesota accelerated after the legislature’s 2013 tax increases.”

Minnesota is losing individuals, families and businesses because taxes are too high.

To learn more, read the report or watch the webinar


For the good of our state… 

Call your legislator and tell them to control the spending and hold down taxes!

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