Runaway State Spending, Again

Runaway State Spending, Again

Put families first. Stop the spending. Give back the surplus!


A 29% increase since 2012

When Democrats had complete control of state government four years ago they raised taxes by $2 Billion!

As a result, we’ve seen huge surpluses, and state general fund spending will grow from $35.4 Billion in 2012 to $45.7 Billion now (average of current Governor, House and Senate budget proposals).

That’s a $10.3 Billion increase, or 29%.

Compare that to the rest of us

Compare the 29% increase in state spending to inflation, household income, social security income, population and the economy over the same time period.

In St. Paul, State spending comes before families, seniors and everyday Minnesotans.

 And in order to spend that much, the state is keeping almost all of the surplus!

Surplus in previous budget: $2 Billion. Returned to taxpayers: $0.

Projected surplus in current budget: $1.6 Billion. Proposed return to taxpayers: $850 million (average of current Governor, House and Senate tax relief proposals).

They are giving back 25% of the total surplus to you, and keeping 75% for the State!

Call the Governor and your legislator.

Tell them to hold the line on spending and give back the surplus!

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