RPM Launches New Asian American Affiliate Group

RPM Launches New Asian American Affiliate Group


(Minneapolis, Minn)–  The Republican Party of Minnesota (RPM) Chairman Keith Downey announced the formation of a new Affiliate group:  The Asian American Republicans of Minnesota (AARM).

“We are pleased with the growth and progress of the new AARM Affiliate,” Downey said. “AARM’s formation demonstrates the importance of the Asian American community to our party. We hope it will build upon the shared belief that Republican representation is good for everyone in Minnesota.”

AARM spokesperson Robert Yang feels that this is a unique opportunity to expand the base and break into new communities.  “Our goal is to build an active grassroots community that will support the beliefs and values that also demonstrate a commitment to families in the Asian American communities across the state.” 

The new AARM is committed to advancing conservative values, recruiting and supporting candidates, raising funds and building awareness for the Republican Party’s platform and making inroads into diverse communities throughout the state of Minnesota.

“This is an incredible opportunity and the right path forward for the Republican Party of Minnesota,” said Jennifer Carnahan, 2016 Republican-endorsed state senate candidate from Senate District 59 and a Korean adoptee.  “Asian Americans represent a vibrant part of our state and this is a tremendous opportunity to reach out statewide.”



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