A grassroots mobilization program to turn Minnesota RED,  one district at a time!


Every journey starts with a road map, and that’s what our BPOU “Grassroots Operation Plans” (GOPs) will be. The State Party is working with districts around the state to develop a detailed grassroots field plan for the upcoming 2018 campaign. Candidate recruitment, early voting, get-out-the-vote, election day operations, communications, outreach – we can improve in all of these but it will never happen without a plan!


We will bring the Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI) fellows training program to Minnesota to equip a powerful team of statewide grassroots leaders. Our team needs training to be successful, and we will facilitate workshops, conference calls and webinars, so our team can take the lead.


Our field teams need volunteers, data, templates and technology. Look no further than the GOP Resource Portal, where we provide the lists, tools, best practices and resources to equip our people with the best from around the state and across the nation.

It’s time to reinvigorate the fundamentals of our State Party!

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