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Protecting Rights And Privacy

Republican solutions will champion the cause to protect private personal information and defend our constitutional freedoms – such as freedom of speech, religion, right to bear arms, etc. In an era in which government invasion of privacy and regulatory overreach is on the rise, citizens deserve due protection. 

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The Born Alive Infant Protection Act will protect the lives of infants born alive after an abortion procedure, by requiring medical professionals to take all measures to protect the life of the baby, and enacting stringent consequences should a physician fail to provide care. (SF 1458)

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would allow individuals with a valid conceal and carry permit to carry a concealed firearm in any state that does not prohibit conceal and carry. (HR 986)

The Lifting the Ban on Suppressors Act would bring Minnesota into the American mainstream regarding gun laws by lifting the ban on suppressors for firearms. Additionally, the bill would help to eliminate ear damage by lowering the volume from instantly causing injury, to very loud. (HF 1434)

The Emergency Powers Act protects private property rights by prohibiting government officials from confiscating firearms during a declared state of emergency. The bill hearkens back to Hurricane Katrina, when government officials went door to door and confiscated legal firearms, resulting chaos, roving gangs, and extremely unsafe conditions for citizens. (HF 722)

The Freedom to Carry at the Capitol Act updates the requirement to notify the State Capitol’s Sergeant’s Office when carrying a firearm. Because of the ability to access the database of all who have a conceal and carry permit, this bill would allow that database to be considered proper notification. (HF 372)

The Federal Gun Control Act expands long gun purchases so that people have the freedom to buy long guns from any state where lawful, instead of just the states surrounding Minnesota. (HF 830)

The Second Amendment Rights Act will protect the right of individuals to keep and bear arms by placing it in the Minnesota Constitution. (HF 1289)

The Keep Your Land Act prohibits local governments from using eminent domain to take your land or property for the use of parks and recreational space. (HF 1071)

The Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act will protect the safety of girls’ athletics by maintaining the current status of those athletic teams. The bill will also require that schools maintain bathrooms and locker rooms separated by biological sex, while ensuring that individual students who are uncomfortable with that will be provided access to another facility. (HF 1546)

The Defense of Dwelling and Person Act allows a person to use force to protect oneself and one’s home, and places the burden of proof on the state. (HF 1993)

The Voting Rights for Active Duty National Guard Act will extend voting rights to National Guard members who are called to service by the president, so that it is not just soldiers called to service by the governor who can vote.(HF 501)

The Second Amendment Rights For Veterans Act will allow returning military members and recently-retired veterans who have completed basic training to hunt without obtaining a firearms safety certificate. (SF 365)

The Student Privacy Act will protect the privacy of under-age students and their families. The bill will require student surveys to be opt-in instead of opt-out when given surveys asking for religion, political affiliation, or other private family information. (HF 99)

The Data Privacy Amendment will protect the right of honest citizens to have security from unreasonable electronic communications and data searches. (SF 32)

The Act to Prohibit Speeding Tickets Based on Location Tracking will prohibit speeding tickets from being issued on the basis of location tracking. (HF 39)