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Project Description

Every Child Deserves A Chance

Republican solutions will focus on ensuring every child has access to excellent teachers and a successful school. We will get behind real reform so that all kids have the opportunity for a bright future.



The Born Alive Infant Protection Act will protect the lives of infants born alive after an abortion procedure, by requiring medical professionals to take all measures to protect the life of the baby, and enacting stringent consequences should a physician fail to provide care. (SF 1458)

The Funding Increase for Schools Act (Education Funding Bill) funds the K-12 education budget, invests $60 million for early learning initiatives like pre-Kindergarten scholarships for low-income children, and increases the overall education per pupil funding by 1.5% and 2%. The bill gives an extra $205 per student across the board, and helps reduce funding disparities for Greater Minnesota. Additionally, the bill includes innovative reforms including increasing access to college in school, reducing the number of required tests to allow for more instruction time, and streamlining teacher licensure to help school districts attract quality teachers. (HF 844)

The Educational Savings Accounts for Students with Special Needs Act would give parents of children with special needs the power to choose the best educational options for their kids. It allows parents to use their child’s per pupil funding and special needs education dollars on education-related therapies, tuition and fees at a nonpublic school specializing in a therapy or disability, textbooks and tutoring, or other education resources. (HF 1529, SF 1313)

The Youth Development and Crime Prevention Act would help families newly arrived in Minnesota from abroad to integrate into school and community life in central Minnesota. It would provide young people with mentors to help them succeed, and organize sports and other activities to help them stay safe. (HF 1898)

The Equity and Opportunity Scholarship Act would give income-qualifying families the opportunity to send their kids to the schools of their choice. Individuals and businesses would receive a a tax credit for donating to charitable organizations that give K-12 scholarships. (HF 1369, SF 1369)

The Student Protection from Sexual Assault Act will modernize sexual assault laws on college campuses, help prevent this crime, and further protect, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault. (HF 742)

The Hands Off Child Care Act will protect child care providers from further harassment by unions and government officials by repealing child care unionization. (HF 436)

The Child Protection Act will increase safeguards for children in abusive situations by closing loopholes, improving the process of handling child abuse cases, and allowing the use of “screened out reports” when considering the well-being of the child. (HF 8, HF 16)

The World-Class Education for all Children Act will increase the access of all children to top teachers in Minnesota. (HF 2)