solution-center-main MNGOP's Solution CenterMinnesotans deserve more than they are getting from state government. The MNGOP Solution Center will advance ideas that work and solve real problems faced by Minnesotans. There are many excellent ideas being generated by Republican legislators and conservative groups and organizations, but until now, there has been no coordinated effort to communicate those ideas directly to Minnesota.

Support Minnesota mining today!

April 22, 2014

Today, Republicans announced the first cause that their newly launched Solution Center will champion, clean mining and quality jobs on the Iron Range. Mining allows families to take control of their communities, provides hundreds of good paying jobs, and creates an environment in which communities will grow and thrive.

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“Iron Range families and their communities deserve the great jobs that clean mining will create,” said Keith Downey, Republican Party Chair. “With one of the largest deposits worldwide of minerals needed for our 21st century economy, the Iron Range is poised to once again be a driving force for Minnesota’s economy. But metro Democrats are committed to killing mining on the Iron Range, so it is incumbent on Republicans to lead the way.”

By providing legislative and political leadership on the regulatory and environmental issues, Republicans believe clean mining can be done in a way that honors Minnesota’s strong conservation ethic, opens new mines, and creates quality jobs.

“Iron Range communities are rightfully proud of what they did to help build our country, and now they have a new opportunity with clean copper-nickel mining,” said Senate Minority Leader David Hann. “We hope Minnesotans across the state will join the cause of fighting for these jobs even though extremist opposition from Democrats stands in the way.”

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Support Minnesota Education!

April 24, 2014

Today, Republicans announced an important initiative which will be supported by their newly launched Solution Center: making sure every child has access to excellent teachers and a successful school.

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“The innovative solutions Republicans have offered in the past have helped build one of the best educational systems in the country,” said State Representative Sondra Erickson (R-Princeton), a former teacher. “Yet, there are schools within our communities that continue to fail our kids. Having taught high school English for many years, I have seen first-hand the impact a quality education can make on a child’s future. I am confident that the ideas and actions that will come from the Solution Center will help all schools achieve at a high level.”

Despite historically high national rankings for education, Minnesota surprisingly ranked 33rd in the 2014 U.S News and World Report rankings among states in terms of the number of top performing high schools. Minnesota’s highest ranking school was 197th, nationally. Minnesota also has a track record of an insidious achievement gap. In the 2013 school year, 85% of white students graduated high school statewide, as opposed to 57% of African American students, 58.3% of Hispanic students, and 63.3% of students receiving free or reduced priced lunches. Democrats have touted recent gains, but it appears they may stem from lower standards, not higher achievement.

Republicans have proposed better choices for families, higher achievement, developing and rewarding excellent teachers, putting the right teachers in the most challenging schools, and accountability for results. But these improvements have been blocked by Democrats in favor of more money for the current system.

“No more excuses,” said Keith Downey, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman. “The Democrat strategy of more money and lower standards is not the answer. For the good of the kids being left behind, we are asking every Minnesotan to join in this cause and get behind the changes that are needed.”

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April 29, 2014

Today, Republicans announced they will prioritize the funding of roads and bridges. This focus on Minnesota’s critical infrastructure is one of an ongoing rollout of causes Republicans will lead statewide, with support from their recently announced Solution Center.

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“Transportation is the foundation of commerce in our state,” said State Representative Michael Beard (R-Shakopee). Beard served as the chair of the House Transportation Finance and Policy Committee during the 2011-2012 biennium.

“Driving to work each morning should not be like driving through a war zone of potholes,” said Beard. “We should not have to be concerned that our bridges are unstable. Our outstate roads should not be allowed to fall into disrepair and should be sufficient for transporting harvest and livestock.”

This year’s potholes have many Minnesota drivers wondering if state officials arereally doing all they can. An examination of state spending across all funds shows that only 9.3% is spent on transportation.

While Democrats call for the usual tax increases to satisfy metro-area public transit and other special interest groups, Republicans will focus on prioritizing road and bridge projects in both the budget and in bonding. They will seek to make the Department of Transportation more efficient, reduce overlapping state and local functions and direct money toward the top values of safety,maintenance and congestion-relief on Minnesota roads.

“Transportation infrastructure should be prioritized in our state budget ahead of the nice-to-haves,” said Keith Downey, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman. “Instead of wasting money on failed websites and palatial office buildings, we should be providing families, workers and businesses with an adequate system of roads and bridges.” Join us and support fixing our roads and bridges.

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May 1, 2014

Today, the Republican Party of Minnesota (RPM) announced they will champion the cause to protect private personal information and defend our constitutional freedoms. This is part of an ongoing rollout of causes promoted by the RPM Solution Center.

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“We are at a critical juncture in Minnesota,” said State Representative Mary Liz Holberg (R-Lakeville). Holberg is the author of a bill creating a legislative commission on data practices and personal data privacy, SF 2066. The bill passed Wednesday with almost unanimous support.

Government invasion of privacy is on the rise. In 2013, the IRS targeted conservative political groups, and the National Security Agency (NSA) collected millions of Verizon phone records. Closer to home, public employees looked up people’s personal records, MNSure emailed 2,400 Social Security numbers to an insurance broker, and far too many loopholes exist in protecting individual medical information and DNA.

“Technology and data gathering is moving at warp speed,but the protections for the ordinary citizen are not keeping up,” continued Holberg. “Strong leadership is needed to protect our legitimate right to privacy for the future.”

And as federal and state bureaucracies extend their regulatory reach, other constitutional rights are also under attack. In the liberal rush to leverage government control, our first and second amendment rights face political and legislative assaults.

“The long arm of government is undermining freedom of conscience, the right tospeak and assemble, and the right to work and raise our families the way we see fit,” added State Senator Branden Petersen (R-Blaine). “Spying on honest citizens and narrowing our fundamental freedoms are dangerous and unacceptable. Republicans will be out front, defending individual liberty.”

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May 6, 2014

Today, Republicans announced they will focus on maximum employment and achievement, so that people are not simply getting by. This is part of an ongoing rollout of causes championed by the Solution Center.

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Nationally, the unemployment rate for young people between the ages of 20 and 24 is 12.2%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, half of recent college grads are either unemployed or working in a position that does not use their degree, according to a 2012 Associated Press article.

“We have decided to attend college to improve our job prospects, but when those jobs are not available upon graduation, all we’re left with is an overwhelming financial burden and a job that may not even be in our field of study,” said Angie Hasek, Minnesota College Republican Chair. “These are not just temporary inconveniences, but will affect our future careers, our ability to buy a home and plan for retirement, and even the families we hope to have some day. All we want is an environment where young people are able to find careers that are suitable for them so that they can flourish.”

But it is not just young college grads who are searching for meaningful work with sufficient pay. A recent Star Tribune article said that “three out of five Minnesotans with bachelor’s degrees hold jobs that don’t require one,” (Star Tribune, 5/4/14). These people don’t show up in the “improving” unemployment numbers.

“So many people are just getting by,” said Chris Fields, former Minnesota Republican Party Secretary. “They are underemployed, stretched to the limit, and living paycheck to paycheck. The American Dream is based on the idea that with hard work and a little bit of luck, anybody can achieve their maximum potential. The ideas that come out of the Solution Center will help us return to that.”

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May 8, 2014

Today, Republicans announced they will defend Minnesota family budgets from wasteful government spending as part of an ongoing rollout of causes promoted by the MNGOP’s Solution Center.

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State government spending has grown twice as fast as the state’s economy for 25 years. And Democrats just raised taxes $2.1 billion to increase state spending 10%, including a $90 million office building for Senators.

“Minnesota families are working hard and carefully managing their finances,” said Keith Downey, Republican Party Chair. “Yet Mark Dayton and the Democrats raised those families’ taxes and binged on state spending.”

“It’s not fair. Democrats in government take hard earned money away from family budgets, only to use it for excessive and often wasteful projects,” said Janet Beihoffer, Republican National Committewoman.

According to the Tax Foundation, “Americans will spend more on taxes in 2014 than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined.” Additionally, it takes approximately four months each year for Minnesotans to have worked long enough to pay off all tax obligations at the federal, state and local level.

“There are certain necessities that government should fund,” Downey said. “However, we should keep in mind where the money comes from in the first place. Every dollar the government spends is a dollar that comes out of someone’s paycheck. We must keep that in mind, and direct government spending towards necessities so that families have more.”

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May 13, 2014

Today, Republicans announced they will promote common-sense alternatives to the government-run healthcare of Obamacare and its Minnesota version, MNSure. (Republican Healthcare Solutions)

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Democrats promised that Obamacare/MNSure would lower insurance costs by $2,500 per family per year, and that individuals could keep their doctor or health plan if they liked. However, in the months following the October 1st, 2013, opening of the Health Insurance Exchange and the $160 million spent on the failed MNSure system, citizens have flooded their local legislators with stories showing the exact opposite effect.

“We recently received a letter from our insurance company that our insurance will be going up $1200 per year (over and above the $4200 we’re already paying each year) for my husband and I,” said one constituent. “I’m sure we should be grateful that they didn’t cancel us completely as they have to so many others, but an additional $1200 per year is NOT cool!”

Another constituent wrote to MNGOP saying, “I have just been informed that I have one week to decide [if] I want to be laid off with severance pay or have my pay and hours cut in half with no healthcare, unless I want to pay the high costs. And I have M.S.”

While the government added millions of people to Medicaid, which already existed, the impact of Obamacare/MNSure on individual and small employer group plans was to increase premiums and deductible costs, while limiting doctors and choices. Federal requirements have crowded out Minnesota innovations. Insurance agents are seeing the disastrous results. “Almost our entire book of small group business along with individual policies are being negatively affected,” said one insurance broker.

“The MNSure/Obamacare system is filled with broken promises and dysfunctional mechanics,” said Keith Downey, Minnesota Republican Party Chair. “We don’t need a government take-over. What we need are common-sense fixes to our health insurance system that bring down the cost, raise the quality, and help people successfully enroll in insurance. Republicans have offered these solutions for years, and I am excited to see the realistic answers that will come out of the Solution Center.”

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May 15, 2014

Today, Republicans announced they will work to address the challenges facing the most vulnerable members of society with compassionate solutions that provide real results. This is the latest cause in the Minnesota Republican Party’s Solution Center rollout.

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According to the Minnesota Department of Health, 15% of all Minnesota children are living in poverty. Nationally, 15% of seniors are living below the poverty line. The incidence of autism is on the rise, from one in 2,000 children in the 1970s to about one in 68 children today. From poverty to mental health to disability, our bureaucratic, one size fits all, big-government programs are 25 to 75 years old and never change.

“So many people fall through the cracks of the system,” said State Representative Tara Mack, member of the Autism Task Force. “It’s unacceptable that we rely on government heavy solutions that cannot adequately take care of our most vulnerable and then undermine the places in society that actually can.”

Additionally, the rate of single motherhood has increased dramatically, with 62% of mothers between the ages of 20 and 24 being unmarried in 2011. Nationally the poverty rate for women has worsened and women’s median income has declined, with the resulting impact on homelessness and dependency. After spending trillions on social programs and government stimulus, the results for the poor and needy speak for themselves, and new social enterprise solutions are needed.

“Democrats keep touting their legislative victories, but I question whether people’s lives have actually improved because of the policies they put in place,” said Keith Downey, Republican Party Chair. “Frankly, it’s not compassion if it doesn’t work. Republicans care about those who are truly in need, just like Minnesotans always have, and we have ideas that work. But more government programs are not the answer.”

The Solution Center will bring the most innovative, real-world, compassionate ideas to the table to protect the most vulnerable in society.

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May 20, 2014

Today, Republicans announced they will promote sound conservation as part of an ongoing rollout of causes promoted by their Solution Center.

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“Minnesota’s dedication to the great outdoors is truly exceptional,” said State Representative Denny McNamara (R-Hastings), 2011-2012 chair of the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Policy and Finance Committee. “We fish, we hunt, we camp, we frequent our state and local parks. We recognize the beauty and value of our natural heritage, and we are willing to take steps to preserve it for future generations.”

Yet our state’s historical stewardship of natural resources is at risk. An extreme, imbalanced and bureaucratic regulatory regime has grown unmanageable and is making it almost impossible for local communities and businesses to make common sense decisions.

A recent example is Cold Spring Brewery, in Cold Spring, MN. The business, founded in 1874, provides 250 local jobs, but is currently embroiled in a controversy that could end its access to spring water.

“In the past, there has been an imbalance in conservation efforts—either environmental interests to the detriment of people, or people destroying the environment,” said Senator Dave Brown (R-Becker), Republican Lead on the Environment and Energy Committee. “Republicans believe that everyone’s best interests lie in a healthy balance. Our natural resources must be protected and responsibly balanced with the interests of the people who live here.”

The Republican Solution Center will be promoting policies that deliver the careful balance between environmental, economic and human factors that Minnesota has been known for historically.

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May 22, 2014

Today, Republicans announced they will promote sound energy solutions as part of an ongoing rollout of causes promoted by the Solution Center.

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“Reliable, affordable energy is within our reach, and the economic and jobs benefits are huge,” said Keith Downey, Republican Party Chairman. “Yet it seems every time we turn around there is another government-funded pet energy project going bankrupt, another shortage of fuel, or another rate increase. This is unsustainable.”

Minnesotans experienced the devastating effects of an inadequate energy supply firsthand with the recent propane shortage. But it is not just a drastic shortage that is plaguing energy users. Consumers have seen steady rate increases over the past few years, and can expect to see the same in the future. Minnesota’s once renowned low cost of energy is at risk of disappearing forever.

“People are going to be faced with an inability to pay their energy bills, and when that happens they are at risk of having their utility service disconnected,” said Pam Marshall, executive director of the Energy Cents Coalition (MPR News, 11/05/2013). A 4.6% rate increase was approved for Xcel Energy last December, Great River Energy increased rates by 4% in 2012, and earlier this month CenterPoint Energy was approved for a 3.6% increase.

“Democrats are thwarting Keystone XL while funneling more money into subsidized projects that show no real benefit other than for the power brokers who own the favored businesses,” Downey said. “What we really need are sustainable solutions that help real people. Energy must be reliable and it must be affordable, and it’s all possible.”

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May 27, 2014

Today, Republicans announced they will focus on restoring balance between the needs of greater Minnesota and the metro area. This is part of an ongoing rollout of causes championed by the Solution Center.

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Minnesota’s diverse landscape and variety of needs results in competition for favored status in state funding formulas and legislative policy. And with extremely large budgets and intrusive regulatory regimes, the politicians in charge can wield too much power. It breeds the worst in politics, setting up a “you got yours, now I’ll get mine” attitude. Sound public policy, predicated on free markets, local control and accountability, loses out to cronyism and boomerang state spending sprees by those in power at the time.

“Areas of the state and even specific communities are treated unfairly depending on who is most powerful at the time,” said Republican Party Chairman, Keith Downey. “It’s wrong. This political gamesmanship has gotten out of hand and needs to end.”

The latest example: with metro area liberals controlling the Capitol, Minneapolis and St. Paul had pensions bailed out, property taxes subsidized, glitzy new office buildings approved, and new and upgraded stadiums paid for, all courtesy of taxpayers across the state.

“Minnesotans should all join the cause with Republicans on this one, to restore long-term equity based on sound policy, not political power brokers,” said Downey. “I am excited to see where this could take us as a state.”

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May 28, 2014

Today, Republicans announced they will take up the cause against corruption and cronyism in the political sphere. This is the final cause championed by the Republican Party’s Solution Center.

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Corruption in politics and government programs is not lost on the American public and contributes to record dissatisfaction with our governmental system. The most recent Gallup Poll’s Mood of the Nation poll found that approximately two out of three Americans are unhappy with the government, the highest on record since the poll’s creation.

“It seems like every time I turn on the TV there is a breaking story about another scandal,” said Republican Party Chairman, Keith Downey. “First, it’s big donors and friends of the politicians in Washington getting money for Solyndra and other failed companies. Then we find out the IRS is targeting conservative political groups and hiding it. Now we’re learning that some VA hospitals have been falsifying waiting lists and that vets have died because of the excessive wait times.”

There are also recent scandals closer to home. The Minnesota Democrat Senate campaign was fined $100,000 for illegal campaign activities. Governor Mark Dayton lied about what he knew and when with regard to the failed MNSure rollout. He also stocked the Vikings stadium construction oversight panel with cronies, including his own Deputy Chief of Staff. And Minnesota Democrats approved a posh $90 million Senate office building in the dead of night.

“Minnesotans deserve honesty in the election process,” said Minnesota State Representative Kathy Lohmer (R-Lake Elmo). “They deserve and expect accountability from the various bureaucracies within state government. All state agencies should be held accountable to following the law enacted by the legislature, who is then accountable to the people through the election process. It’s time to restore integrity and public trust.”

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