solution-center-main MNGOP's Solution CenterMinnesotans deserve more than they are getting from state government. The MNGOP Solution Center will advance ideas that work and solve real problems faced by Minnesotans. There are many excellent ideas being generated by Republican legislators and conservative groups and organizations, but until now, there has been no coordinated effort to communicate those ideas directly to Minnesota.

SC Education


Republican solutions will focus on ensuring every child has access to excellent 
teachers and a successful school. We will get behind real reform so that all kids have the opportunity for a bright future.

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Republican solutions will focus on finding ways for Minnesotans to achieve maximum employment and achievement, and not just get by, especially for people who are underemployed, stretched to the limit, or living paycheck to paycheck.
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Family Budgets First
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SC Demand Integrity
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SC Proven Energy
Republican solutions will focus on promoting proven energy solutions and clean mining to bring quality jobs to Minnesota.
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Republican solutions will promote compassionate solutions that work for the most vulnerable members of society. It is unacceptable to rely on government-heavy ideas that do not adequately take care of those in need.
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SC Conserve
Republican solutions will champion a return to Minnesota’s long-held commitment to protecting our natural resources in a balanced and responsible way, and not the extreme regulatory regime of recent years.
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SC Security
Security and Safety
Republican Solutions will focus on ensuring government’s core duty to defend America, protect citizens and their property, and secure safe and peaceful communities without violating individual rights.
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Republican solutions will work to fairly balance the needs of greater Minnesota with the metro area. We want fairness for every area in Minnesota, not just those with the most powerful politicians.
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