MNGOP Releases Statement Condemning Democrat Violence

MNGOP Releases Statement Condemning Democrat Violence


(Minneapolis, Minn.) – The Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Keith Downey issued the following statement condemning the violence at the Capitol on Saturday. Masked and violent protesters interrupted Saturday’s “March 4 Trump” rally in the Capitol rotunda. Six anti-Trump protesters were arrested and face felony riot charges or disorderly conduct charges.

“Once again, Democrat-aligned agitators have attacked people at a peaceful political event in Minnesota. Think about that for a moment: inside our State Capitol, masked attackers tried to shut down political speech by assaulting rally-goers. 

These occurrences are absolutely unacceptable, but not isolated. In August 2016, Republican donors and activists were verbally and physically accosted at a Trump fundraiser. Following the election results, the Republican Party of Minnesota’s headquarters building was vandalized during a ‘Not My President’ protest.

Now we learn that Democrat-aligned groups have again targeted the Republican Party of Minnesota’s headquarters for a protest on Wednesday.  We are calling on Mayor Betsy Hodges to take the threat of this protest seriously and protect our people and the building from assault. 

Democrats have been coordinating disruption and violence throughout the election, and now after it with their ‘resistance’ efforts.  It needs to stop, now. Chairman Ken Martin and Minnesota Democrats need to call off the dogs, shut down this violence, and dispense with the hatred and vitriolic language.

The American people want Democrats to find a way to work together with President Trump, and stop the assaults and violence. Democrats need to take heed.”


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