Let’s Celebrate

Let’s Celebrate Our Hardworking Women

“A Day Without A Woman?” We don’t think so!

While Democrat-aligned groups ask women not to show up at work, we want to celebrate the women in our lives who work so hard every single day – our moms, sisters, friends, YOU.  

How will YOU be working today?

Working to raise your children and equip the next generation?
Providing for your family?
Studying or honing your skills as you work towards your dream?

If you are a mother, daughter, sister, doctor, lawyer, teacher, farmer, artist, innovator, scientist, police officer, mathematician, engineer, architect, service member, executive, secretary, nurse, writer, full-time parent, caretaker, friend….

….we are thankful for all you do every single day to make America great!

Democrats may think you’re empowered by not showing up for a day.  We know you’re working hard and making a difference every single day of the year!

Here’s to the hardworking women of Minnesota!


P.S. Do you or someone you know want to connect with fellow hardworking women? Join the Minnesota Federation of Republican Women! Find out more at mnfrw.com!

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