Governor “Shutdown” Dayton Plays Budget Politics, Again

Governor “Shutdown” Dayton Plays Budget Politics, Again

Dayton administration signals he will veto every GOP budget bill

Gov. Mark “Shutdown” Dayton loves the politics of government shutdowns. Sadly, desperate Democrats appear to see it as their only way to win in 2018.

A 7% – 9% increase in state spending isn’t enough?

That’s right, Gov. “Shutdown” Dayton proposed an 11% increase in state general fund spending, and he’s threatening to shut down state government, because the proposed House and Senate budget increases are only 7.7% and 9% respectively. 

That’s nearly a 30% increase in state spending since 2012! 

Average the Dayton, House and Senate current budget proposals, and it’s a 29% increase in state spending since 2012. Nowhere else in Minnesota have we seen those increases: 

And they’re keeping the surplus to spend that much!  

Surplus in previous budget: $2 Billion. Returned to taxpayers: $0.

Projected surplus in current budget: $1.6 Billion. Proposed return to taxpayers: $850 million (average of current Governor, House and Senate tax relief proposals).

They are giving back 25% of the total surplus to you, and keeping 75% for the State!


And Mark Dayton will shut down state government to get more?!

Tell Gov. “Shutdown” to stop overspending your hard-earned money.  

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