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Affiliate Groups

The Republican Party of Minnesota is proud to present our many affiliate groups who do great work with communities across Minnesota. By joining an affiliate group, you can help organize events, identify supporters, and ultimately contribute to Republican victories up and down the ballot.

Asian American Republicans of Minnesota








The Asian American Republicans of Minnesota Affiliate works to share the Republican Party’s message of growth and opportunity with the vibrant Asian American communities in Minnesota.

Chair: Robert Yang


Minnesota College Republicans


“The Minnesota College Republicans strive to spread conservative principles on Minnesota campuses, provide students the opportunity to network with their right-of-center peers, and gain useful experience through assisting Republicans get elected. We not only operate as the foot soldiers of the Party, but develop our own comprehensive field plans to increase impact in elections and effectively turnout the youth vote.”

Chair:  Madison Faupel




Minnesota Federation of Republican Women

“Our Mission:  To encourage, educate, and support Republican women from all age groups and walks of life to be key players at the political table on national, state, and local issues.” 

President: Pam Myhra



Hispanic Republican Assembly of Minnesota (HRAMN)

The mission of the Hispanic Republican Assembly of Minnesota (HRAMN) is to build a membership organization to foster the principles of the Republican Party in the Hispanic community. Also, to provide Hispanic Americans with a forum to play an influential role in local, state and national party activities and
to increase the number of Hispanic Republican elected officials.

Chair: Rick Aguilar



Minnesota Republican Seniors

“We bring seniors 50+ together to learn and discuss issues important to all Minnesotans. Each month we hear from elected officials and experts on public policy. We also meet the latest political candidates and help elect Republicans to office. Please join us at our monthly meeting – open to all!”

Chair: Mike Lehmann



Monthly Meeting: First Tuesday of each month (except July). See our website for upcoming speakers, location and news.

Minnesota Young Republicans

“Young Republicans are people between the ages of 18 and 40 who are interested in taking an active role in Republican politics. Through community involvement in politics and charity, the MNYRs are enthusiastically committed to improving the lives of Minnesotans. Membership in the MNYRs offers a unique opportunity to socialize with other young individuals who share similar values and are actively involved in shaping the future of our state.” 

Chair: Adam Seidel



MORVets [Minnesota Organization of Republican Veterans]

“The vision of MORVets is to carry the finest attributes of military service, leadership, ethics, and courage into the community by electing military veterans & advocates; Thus influencing legislation and thereby increasing the public’s trust in their elected bodies.”

Chair: Michael Cummins



Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota

“The purpose of the Republican Liberty Caucus is to advance the principles of limited government, individual liberty and free markets within the Republican Party.”

Chair: Zavier Bicott