7 October, 2016

Tune in for the 2nd Presidential Debate!

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Tune in Sunday! Second Presidential Debate - 8:00 PM Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off for the second time on Sunday, October 9th. Tune in Sunday, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM! The [...]

6 October, 2016

Release: Angie Craig is too liberal, even for a Clinton

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Angie Craig: Too Liberal, Even For A Clinton (Minneapolis, Minn.) - What a week for ObamaCare. With costs continuing to skyrocket for hardworking Minnesotans, and premiums set to rise at least 50 percent next [...]

4 October, 2016

Tune in tonight for the Vice Presidential Debate!

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Tune in Tonight! Vice Presidential Debate - 8:00 PM   Governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine face off for the only Vice Presidential debate of the 2016 Election! Tune in tonight, 8:00 PM [...]

25 September, 2016

First Presidential Debate – September 26th

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Tune in Tonight! First Presidential Debate - 8:00 PM! Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off for the first time Monday night! "NBC Nightly News" Anchor Lester Holt will moderate the first Presidential Debate. Tune [...]





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