Governor candidates

Keith Downey

Business leader, political reformer, and strong family man, Keith Downey entered politics because he saw how corrupt and broken the system is. He beat an 18 year incumbent Republican, was a reformer in the legislature, then rebuilt the MNGOP. Keith knows where the problems are, with the will and skill to fix it. Keith will Make Minnesota Work for Everyone!


Mary Giuliani stephens

Mary Giuliani Stephens, the Mayor of Woodbury, is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the William Mitchell College of Law. Previously Mary was a partner in the law firm of Moore, Costello and Hart, and has also worked part-time as an arbitrator and mediator. As Mayor of Minnesota’s ninth largest city, Mary has executive experience balancing budgets, proposing policy and effectively running government. 

jeff johnson

Jeff was born and raised in Detroit Lakes and lives in Plymouth with his wife and sons. He’s a small business owner and the lone (and loud) conservative voice on the Hennepin County Board. Jeff will return power to the people of Minnesota by capping property taxes, implementing term limits, investing in roads (not trains) and dismantling the Met Council.


Phillip parrish

A K-12 music teacher and licensed Principal, Phillip joined the U.S. Navy Reserve as an Intelligence Specialist 1998. Phillip holds a Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Specialist Degree in Educational Administration. Now a Lieutenant Commander, Phillip has served as an intelligence officer for 19 years. Married to Victoria, six children, and two granddaughters.

congressional candidates



Jim Hagedorn was born in Blue Earth, Minnesota, in 1962, to parents Thomas, a grain and livestock farmer, and Kathleen, a homemaker. Jim’s grandparents, Fred and Viola Mittelstadt and Pete and Elaine Hagedorn, were all lifelong Blue Earth residents.

In 1963 the family moved from Blue Earth to their 160 acre grain and hog farm located just outside the small town of Truman. Jim’s formative years were spent on the Truman farm. His father and grandfather were full-time farmers and, as partners, regularly worked 1,000 acres or more. Jim helped work the land, walk the bean fields, feed the hogs, maintain the property, and developed a firsthand understanding of farming and the business side of agriculture.

carla nelson

Carla Nelson is a leader in the Minnesota Senate, a former teacher, a mother, and a small business owner. A champion of economic growth in the State Senate, Carla is a proven leader for fiscally responsible budgets, lower taxes for southern Minnesota families, and strong, pro-student and parent education policies.

Carla Nelson learned the values of hard work, accountability and responsibility from her parents, both of whom were teachers, and from spending summers working on the family farm.  After graduating from the University of Minnesota she began her teaching career where Carla taught the fundamentals and importance of literacy to children at a young age. 


Christopher Chamberlin

Christopher Chamberlin identifies himself as an American-Statesman, not a politician, who will bring an array of experience from the common man's view. Mr. Chamberlin has worked in a vast variety of Industries, giving him an advantage most seeking office do not have. He has worked as a telemarketer for the Republican National Committee through FLS, a telemarketer for the National Rifle Association, and various other companies throughout our nation. Mr. Chamberlin has a unique Insider's view when it comes to understanding the welfare and judicial system as well, which as a candidate for United States Congress, could give him the edge.

Currently, Mr. Chamberlin has been consulting with a nonprofit organization to help better the quality of life of inner-city youth in the 5th congressional district. "By getting our youth engaged actively in their community, and providing youth leadership roles within the community, we can truly help shape the next generation of Americans! After all, more precious than any gold or silver, our national treasure is our youth!


Dave hughes

Dave was born in San Diego and raised in a loving Christian home. After college Dave, spent 21-years in the Air Force. During his time in the Air Force, he was deployed to combat zones in Central Europe and the Middle East as a pilot and then as an advisor and judge in Iraq.

Dave and his wife Amanda have been blessed with six biological and one adopted child. Since 2015, Dave has been employed by General Atomics where he serves as an MQ-9 UAS Instructor Pilot, teaching US Customs and Border Protection aircrews, as well as flying operational missions guarding both our northern and southern borders.


pete stauber

Pete Stauber grew up in Duluth and graduated from Denfeld High School. He earned his BS Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Fire Science from Lake Superior State University.

With a hockey background, Stauber had the opportunity to play hockey with the Detroit Red Wings organization. After retiring from professional hockey, he began his law enforcement career with the Duluth Police Department, where he served as an Area Commander, as well as President of the Law Enforcement Labor Services Union, Local 363. He retired after 23 years of service in August, 2017.

Stauber’s political career began when he served two terms as a Hermantown City Councilor. In2012, he successfully ran for St. Louis County Commissioner against a 16-year incumbent. In 2016, Stauber was re-elected as County Commissioner with 78% of the total votes.

United states Senate

Robert Barnheiser

Robert Barnheiser is graduate of BIOLA University, a proud Father, a Small Business Owner, a Boy Scout Leader, Youth Athletic Coach and is a former Pastor and Volunteer Firefighter.

Barnheiser is a bold political outsider seeking the GOP endorsement on a very conservative platform against career politicians whom he believes are guilty of catering to big business for self-serving purposes rather than the citizens in which they were elected to represent. He is a firm supporter term limits.

Robert stands for less government; privatizing healthcare to make it competitive, not regulated as it is now, to offer better care at lower costs; supports stopping immigration resettlement and federal funding of sanctuary cities; is pro-life; favors less taxes, bigger paychecks; safeguarding social security; backing our miners; programs assisting our vets and elderly; protecting our Second Amendment Rights; alleviating our national debt crisis and ceasing Minnesota’s current “Tax and Spend” mentality to create a sound and fiscally responsible government that best serves for all Minnesotans.


Karin Housley

Karin Housley grew up in a working class neighborhood in South St. Paul, where she met and married her husband Phil. She has four fun kids, a son-in-law and two grandsons.

Housley has served in the Minnesota State Senate since 2012, where she fought hard for Minnesota seniors, the education of children, and the unborn. She has worked tirelessly writing, supporting and passing bills to help small businesses. Housley has fought to help Minnesota families keep their hard-earned dollars and continues to call on government to be transparent and accountable.

Jim newberger

Jim Newberger currently serves as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives for his home district of Becker, Minnesota. A father of three adult daughters, Newberger graduated from St. Cloud State University and has served his community for 30 years as a paramedic for a Level One Trauma Center.

Currently running against Sen. Amy Klobuchar for her United States Senate seat, Newberger is a strong advocate for refugee resettlement reform, stopping the rise of our national debt, protecting our social security program, lowering and simplifying our taxes, protecting life at all stages, fixing our national health care crisis, stopping the growth of big government, and supporting our Second Amendment rights.


Bob Anderson

Bob is a lifelong Minnesota resident that grew up in Richfield and attended both private Catholic Grade School and graduating from Richfield High School.

Bob has worked in the private sector for the past 41 years along with average, working-class Minnesotans, so he knows the issues important to his constituents. Bob was an owner/operator of a small family business that has been in operation for more than 50 years.

He is passionate about the issues that affect Minnesotans daily lives. Bob truly believes that a determined, united group of citizens can make a significant difference in this country.

attorney general

doug wardlow

Doug grew up in Eagan, Minnesota, the child of two public school teachers. He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University and earned his law degree with honors from Georgetown University Law Center. After clerking for the Minnesota Supreme Court, Doug spent many years in private practice, advocating for individuals, property owners, and businesses in state and federal courts. He also practiced international trade litigation, defending domestic steel producers against China’s unfair trade practices.

Doug served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 2011 to 2013, representing a legislative district in his hometown of Eagan. During his time in the Minnesota House, Doug led efforts to reduce the size and scope of state government, eliminate burdensome regulations, and pass tort reform.

Doug and his wife, Jenny, are proud parents of three children: Winston, Annabelle, and Martin.

Doug (Headshot)

State Auditor


Pam Myhra

As your next Minnesota State Auditor my goal is to provide crucial accountability and transparency for the use of government resources, your tax dollars. Effective financial oversight can improve government operations and services for you, the public. I am committed to supplying independent and objective analysis and information to best serve you. My knowledge and experience as a Certified Public Accountant, former international public accounting firm audit manager and former two-term MN State Representative will help me serve in this role.

Please visit my website at to connect, join my team, and contribute to my campaign.

I would greatly appreciate your support, endorsement and, on November 6, your vote! Sincerely yours,

Pam Myhra, CPA